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“Simply coming home to a beautiful and tranquil space allows us to recharge and rejuvenate after a long and hectic day.”

The Liv Shannon mission is to create harmonious environments that promote serenity and peace. Liv, the founder of Liv Shannon Interiors, has a flair for modern décor, clean lines, honed stone, and textural materials. She strongly believes form and function are key. 

“No matter how beautiful a space may be, without functionality its beauty wanes swiftly. And yes, it is possible to create gorgeous, multi textured spaces that are kid – friendly.”

While a lover of pallet neutral and monochromatic interior color schemes, Liv never shies away from creating “rooms with a bang”, something she learned after years of experience in the hospitality design industry. Detailed involvement in a wide range of design projects – from the Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas to a luxury private residence in Hong Kong – have honed Liv’s skills and taught her to create unique visions custom tailored to each client’s aspirations for their space. 

After earning her BFA in Interior Design from School of Visual Arts in NYC, Liv worked under two prominent international designers in the high – end interior design industry. After earning her stripes in the private sector, Liv returned to her other passion the classroom – and has taught Architectural Drawing at a prestigious design focused charter high school in the Bronx for over a decade. 

Liv’s detail oriented and meticulous approach to design, her sophisticated taste in materials, and the unparalleled experience she brings to each project makes the design process fun and exciting for her happy clients.

“It never gets old, seeing the look on a client’s face when the job is done, every little detail executed to perfection — a complete transformation results from a beautiful and cohesive design.”